If It's Not The FF Roulette Computer

It's Not The Roulette Computer

And It's Not Happening

3 Roulette Computers Compared

FFZ Roulette Computer

The Ultimate Covert Cheating Device

The FFZ roulette computer is a cutting-edge, covert solution for those seeking an advantage in the casino. Designed to be discreet, this device can be easily concealed within a sock or discreetly carried without attracting attention. With its compact hardware, featuring a 4mm thick printed circuit board, microcomputer chip, button cell battery (CR1632), power switch, and golden contacts, the FFZ roulette computer offers unparalleled accuracy and flexibility.

When the roulette ball is in motion, the FFZ system activates, delivering electric zaps through the golden contacts to the player’s skin precisely when the ball is predicted to land. It provides a visual prediction number that the player needs to observe under the ball. In case the player misses the number or remains uncertain, the system repeats the signal the next time the ball crosses the predicted number. Additionally, players can continue tracking ball rotations, allowing the system to make multiple predictions during the same spin, a patented feature exclusive to FFZ roulette computers.

The zap signal strength can be adjusted for the player’s comfort and is automatically saved for future use. The system’s board also includes a small socket for an external clocking switch, enhancing its functionality.

Equipped with a powerful microchip, the FFZ system excels in real-time applications, ensuring precise and stable timing. Its design enables accurate predictions on various types of roulette wheels, whether tilted, slightly tilted, or levelled. The latest Acrobat program boasts an advanced timer catering to professional roulette players utilizing visual ballistics techniques and a Dealer Signature control timer. Furthermore, FFZ operates flawlessly in noisy, real casino environments and supports multiple languages.

The FFZ roulette computer is the preferred choice for players who value freedom of movement during gameplay and prefer foot-based clocking. It is an ideal solution for roulette enthusiasts who understand that traditional methods, hindered by the mathematical advantage held by casinos, often fall short. Roulette advantage play has been proven effective, prompting casinos to take measures to counter advantage players. In response, our focus remains on pushing boundaries, constantly reducing size, enhancing speed and performance, and developing innovative solutions. Dedicated support for FFZ roulette computers is available through our

private forum, phone or Skype.

My Roulette Computer

  • Popularity
  • Accuracy
  • Practical
  • Covert
  • Easy
  • Team Play

FFV Vibrating Roulette Computer

FFV The most wanted device

The FFV roulette computer offers a compact and discreet solution, allowing skilled players to hold it between their fingers, inside a pocket, or even concealed in a shirt pocket. This device incorporates all the necessary components on a single board, featuring a clocking switch, a small vibrating coin motor, and a battery compartment at the top. The device’s core is a carefully selected, ultralow power consumption 28-pin microcontroller. Smart software design enables the device to enter a sleep mode during idle moments, significantly conserving power. With its small CR1632 battery, the FFV can operate for hours. The system’s board also includes a small plug for convenient program upgrades.

The FFV roulette computer eliminates the need for external wires or additional attachments. It is well-suited for hand clocking, making it an ideal choice for novice users. Utilizing the same software program as the FFZ, the FFV communicates with the player through vibration generated by a small 10x3mm coin electric motor. For example, when the ball aligns with the predicted number, the device emits a vibration. The system also incorporates an adjustable timer for Roulette Visual Prediction and a two-stage timer for Dealer Signature.

Encased in a protective plastic/rubber cover molded to the size of the board, the FFV is highly sought after by roulette players who prefer hand clocking. This roulette computer stands out for its simplicity and discreetness, as it requires no additional components. Holding the FFV is akin to grasping a 10c coin, allowing users to maintain covert operations while gaining a significant advantage in roulette.

FFA Audio Roulette Computer

FFA roulette computer is different, it talks, and it has the option for team players. The system uses Bluetooth to send the audio signal to spy earpiece for the additional player. The player does not have to use Bluetooth; instead, you can plug an induction loop wire directly to FFA and use BT only when playing in a team. Once it sets, it is easy to operate it, but the FFA does not have all flexibility as FFZ or FFV has. Personally, I do not like wires around my neck and earpiece in my ear, as it is required for the induction loop.

FFA is a team play device. The question is how often you will play in a team. Be aware that all talking computers need more time to predict. With a talking roulette computer, the player can clock the rotor only when it is in particular position, same as with the ball cocking. They need to know the position of the numbers to be able to predict. Instead of timing the root at #0 we tried with opposite numbers. It makes results opposite as well, but experienced player each spin can shift it.

It saves some time but still, it is not enough, and it makes confusion. Later on, some who are selling mobile phones as roulette computers adopted our solution, claiming how it solves all problems. No, it doesn’t. I would suggest FFA or talking computers only if you exactly know that it is what you want. Because of inflexibility, the FFA is a bit outdated; it cannot be upgraded to the latest Acrobat software. Serious roulette players need flexibility which only devices like FFZ and FFV can provide.

When choosing a roulette computer, there are several important factors to consider

  • buy roulette computer

    Buy roulette computer, not mobile phone

    Flexibility and Size: The FFZ and FFV roulette computers offer advantages over talking computers in terms of their flexibility and compact size. These devices allow the player to clock the rotor at different positions, which saves valuable time in a real casino environment.
  • Communication Method: Unlike talking computers that use voice, the FFZ and FFV roulette computers do not require wires, earpieces, or induction loops. This eliminates any discomfort or inconvenience associated with such equipment.
  • Language and Wheel Compatibility: The FFZ and FFV roulette computers can communicate in all languages and predict number ordering on any type of roulette wheel, including European or American layouts.
  • Software Development and Upgrades: The hardware design and manufacturing preparations for the FF roulette computers are completed by the manufacturer. However, the software part is a collaborative effort with input from players. There is a private forum where players can request features, suggest solutions, and actively participate in the development of the roulette computers. Unique and easy upgrades are available for all FF devices, allowing users to download and install the latest program, saving time for everyone. These upgrades are provided free of charge.
  • Custom Design and Performance: All FF roulette computers are custom-designed to prioritize speed, accuracy, secrecy, and practicability. The devices are engineered to deliver reliable performance in predicting roulette outcomes.

It’s important to note that the statement expresses a personal preference for the FFZ roulette computer, but highlights that most users prefer the FFV. To access a full list of features for the FF roulette computers, you are directed to visit the Software & features page on the respective website.

It’s important to note that the statement expresses a personal preference for the FFZ roulette computer, but highlights that most users prefer the FFV. To access a full list of features for the FF roulette computers, you are directed to visit the Software & features page on the respective website.

  • For a full list of the FF roulette computer features, please visit the Software & features page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Products question
Can the FFZ roulette computer be used in casinos where the wheel spins in both clockwise and counter-clockwise directions?

Absolutely! The FFZ roulette computer is designed to be compatible with casinos that spin the wheel in both directions. Additionally, the device allows you to play on any of the four different tables, irrespective of the ball’s direction. With the FFZ, you can quickly switch between tables and make predictions within a second, regardless of the direction of the ball.

Is the FFZ the most effective roulette computer for cheating in a casino?

While I personally prefer the FFZ among the FF roulette computers, it’s important to note that preferences can vary among players. In the Roulette Place forum, most members tend to prefer the FFV. It’s worth mentioning that there is a lack of concrete proof regarding the effectiveness of other roulette computers or cheating devices advertised online. The members at rouletteplace.com have experience with various devices, and while there have been some positive feedback about Mark Howes’ roulette computer, it’s possible that other roulette cheating computers may exist but are kept private. It’s essential to approach such claims with caution and consider verified information and user experiences before making a decision.

Can a roulette computer predict any roulette wheel?

 No, a roulette computer cannot predict any roulette wheel with complete accuracy. While some scammers have advertised applications for mobile phones claiming such capabilities, they eventually abandoned these claims due to ridicule from genuine advantage players. It is widely known among experienced players that no roulette computer can reliably predict the outcomes of all roulette wheels.

Is it difficult to learn how to use the FFV roulette computer?

In general, it is not challenging to learn how to operate the FFV or FFZ roulette computers. The majority of individuals were able to grasp its usage without needing any assistance. However, there were a few who required some guidance to understand its functionality.

Is it permissible to use a roulette computer in my casino?

As the manufacturers of roulette computers, we ensure that their production adheres to legal requirements. However, for specific inquiries concerning the permissibility of using such devices in your casino, it is recommended to consult the local gaming authority. They possess the necessary expertise to provide accurate information and guidance regarding the legality of their usage in your jurisdiction.

Is it possible to detect a talking roulette computer induction loop?

Certainly, talking roulette computer induction loops can be easily detected from a few meters away. Even individuals wearing hearing aids, such as elderly individuals, may unintentionally overhear the spoken numbers. This is one of the reasons why we decided to discontinue the development of talking roulette computers. On one occasion, I noticed some suspicious individuals behind me with a device, although I am uncertain of its purpose or their intentions. When you begin consistently winning, it becomes uncertain what measures they might take to investigate further.

Do you offer live demonstrations of your roulette computer?

No, I do not provide live demonstrations. It’s important to note that many scammers falsely claim to offer live demonstrations, particularly because they know potential customers are often geographically distant. However, if you happen to be in close proximity and insist on a live demonstration, you may encounter resistance from sellers who use deceptive tactics. For example, there have been cases where individuals posing as roulette computer sellers, but actually selling mobile phones, would continuously make excuses and promises to demonstrate the device in person. Eventually, they may only offer to show pre-recorded videos instead. While some sellers may advertise the availability of live demos on their websites, it is often just a marketing strategy. I believe this tactic aims to instill a sense of superiority among potential buyers and manipulate their decision-making process, distinguishing their product from others that do not engage in such practices.

Testimonials That Count

read about Tests

A device such as this is an enormously powerful tool in the hands of a professional, it is an accurate measuring instrument, with, I assume (because I don’t have the code), some smoothing of timings in an attempt to correct clocking errors.

Devices which use a lookup table and voice chip to output the number to an earpiece may be more elegant, but I like this approach; it is simple, will run forever off batteries and is far more covert. You will also end up with a much better understanding of roulette prediction techniques with a device like this as opposed to an all-talking, all-doing, Bluetooth equipped, the histogram creating device.

Casinos investigate FFA

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Casino Gaming Consultant, Survtech

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Casinos investigate roulette computer FFA

I would like to highlight it once more. Once when device is available for sale to public as the FFA Roulette Computer was from Jan. 2009, it wasn’t any more under our control, who else except members will be able to purchase it for testing. The reason why casino...

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First casino consultant Michael Barnett's brief FF roulette computer review. The unit is supplied in a 4XAA battery box with two of the battery connections removed; space thus created houses the PC board. The PC board is professionally made, and screen printed. The...

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