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MyRulet FF roulette computers are supported at the most advanced roulette forum on the web by us and members. Only at Roulette Place Forum, you can discuss roulette challenges with authentic roulette computer users. Learn about the benefits and problems they face when playing with real casino conditions. Information about other proven methods to win in the casino, as roulette bias or visual ballistic. We don’t sell it we provide it for free. You can register at Roulette Place Forum with Facebook, Google or email.

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What We Make

Casino Players Love It.

FF roulette computers with current Acrobat software are the most advanced but still affordable roulette computers on the market. With all features and options, the FF is a Swiss Army Knife for everyone who wants to play roulette to win.

FFV roulette computer

  • Smaller than a casino chip
  • FFV is the most wanted roulette computer

FFZ roulette computer

  • Best for foot clocking
  • FFZ is my favourite roulette computer
Roulette world players

what we do

to Win in Casino

We talk, how to win in casino and roulette, we argue and argue hard. We play roulette, observe and learn. For the past 15 years, we solved many problems and find new solutions to develop a roulette computer capable of providing roulette players with a significant advantage over the casinos.

Appropriately designed roulette computer is the best way to win at the roulette table. Kowing, where the roulette ball will drop, can significantly change casinos advantage to the player’s side. Roulette computers obtain far higher profit to the player than any other method ever used in casino games.
Tested Roulette Computer

Officially Tested

Only our roulette computers in different stages were investigated and tested by casino consultants and classified as a threat.
roulette computer ranking

Without Competition

FF roulette computers are custom made to be fast, covert and the most accurate. As such they have no serious competition.
Australian made Roulette Computer

Australian Made

Australian, hardware and software design and assemble. Asian production, PCB and robots surface mount.

MyRulet FF roulette computers

Custom Built

All our roulette computers are custom built to be what they need to be.


Acrobat is the only program with true and fast response to the conditions change.

Continuous Improvement

Persistence, and continuous improvement are the main ingredients of our product.

Customer Support

Unlimited support from designers and forum community. Fast online program update.

Great Community

We’re roulette players that believe in having a good time while doing what we love, and we love what we do.


Acrobat roulette computers are  loaded with tons of features to adapt to hard casino conditions.

Roulette computer players survey

Provided by Roulette Place Forum Members

Roulette computers users answered 48 questions. The questions were about winning money in the casino to which roulette cheating devices they have. It is a bit old survey, since then we improved a lot but and casinos for roulette advantage players made playing conditions harder. It still may help you to clear up some thoughts about roulette computers. Can I buy a roulette computer, click the button and beat the casino? Only you can answer that question, after reading articles here, at the forum, and noticing conditions at casinos you want to play.

Do you have a gambling problem?

No (88%) My wife/partner says I do (8%) Yes (4%)

Please rate your current roulette knowledge and understanding

No knowledge (3.7%) Minimal (0%) Reasonable (14.8%) Solid (51.9%) Experienced player (29.6%)

When playing roulette how many numbers do you cover?

1 (3.8%) 3 (11.5%) 5 (50%) 7 (19.2%) More than 9 (15.4%)

Did you own any other roulette computer?

* Yes, Mark Howe’s (24.2%) * Yes, Stefano’s (12.1%) * Yes, Jafco’s (6.1%) * Yes, other (9.1%) * No (48.5%)

How do you find roulette ball jumps scatter on wheels you play?

Almost random (25%) Reasonable (58.3%) It’s very good (16.7%)

Where The Ball Stops 

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