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At the cutting-edge Roulette Place Forum, our community supports MyRulet FF roulette computers. Engage with genuine users, exploring the perks and hurdles of playing in real casinos. Discover proven techniques like roulette bias and visual ballistic to boost your winning game. No sales pitch, just free expertise! Join us today via Facebook, Google, or email, and watch your knowledge flourish in the world of roulette. Let the winning streak begin!

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Unleash Your Winning Potential: Introducing FF Roulette Computers

Capture the hearts of casino players with our exceptional creation – the FF roulette computers. Designed with the latest Acrobat software, these cutting-edge devices offer unrivaled sophistication at an affordable price. Discover the ultimate companion that elevates your roulette game to new heights.

The FF roulette computers stand as a testament to ingenuity and technological excellence. Engineered with a comprehensive array of features and options, this remarkable device is truly a Swiss Army Knife for every roulette enthusiast seeking victory.

Micro Size, Macro Desire

  • The FFV roulette computer, smaller than a casino chip, holds the title of the most coveted device among roulette enthusiasts.

Foot Clocking Master

  • The FFZ roulette computer stands out as the ultimate choice for foot clocking techniques, earning its place as my personal favorite
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What we do

for Unparalleled Wins

Engaging in heated discussions, we delve into the art of winning in casinos and roulette. Through relentless play, observation, and learning, we’ve tackled numerous challenges over the past 15 years. Our unwavering dedication led us to develop a revolutionary roulette computer, granting players a substantial edge against the casinos. Join us in our quest to conquer the game and rewrite the rules of roulette!

When it comes to conquering the roulette table, an intelligently crafted roulette computer reigns supreme. By accurately predicting where the ball will land, it has the power to tip the scales in favor of players, reducing the casino’s edge. Unlike any other method in casino games, roulette computers yield astonishing profits for the savvy player. Prepare to revolutionize your gameplay and experience unparalleled victories with the ultimate weapon in your roulette arsenal..

Tested Roulette Computer

Officially Proven

Our roulette computers have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by casino consultants, earning the classification of a formidable threat.

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Without Competition

No competition stands a chance against FF roulette computers, meticulously engineered for unmatched speed, stealth, and precision. They reign supreme without a challenger.

Australian made Roulette Computer

Born in Australia

Aussie-designed and assembled, Asian-produced with precision. Our roulette computers merge the best of both worlds for unparalleled quality.


MyRulet FF roulette computers

Custom Built

Our roulette computers are meticulously custom-built to fulfill their precise requirements and exceed expectations

Instant Responsiveness

Acrobat stands alone as the program offering true and rapid response to changing conditions, providing unmatched adaptability.

We talk, how to win in casino and roulette, we argue and argue hard. We play roulette, observe and learn. For the past 15 years, we solved many problems and find new solutions to develop a roulette computer capable of providing roulette players with a significant advantage over the casinos.

Dynamic Evolution

Our product thrives on continuous improvement, embracing constant innovation and refinement as fundamental elements of its DNA.


Endless Support

Enjoy limitless assistance from our team of designers and active forum community, accompanied by rapid online program updates.


Exceptional performance without a hefty price tag. Our FF roulette computers deliver unrivaled value, combining top-tier capabilities pricing

Your Winning Arsenal

Equipped with a versatile range of features and options, the FF roulette computer empowers you to make strategic decisions and secure outcomes

Insights from Roulette Players

Survey Conducted by Roulette Place Forum Members

In a comprehensive survey, roulette computer users responded to 48 questions regarding their strategies for winning money at casinos and their experiences with various roulette cheating devices. While the survey may be slightly outdated, advancements have been made, albeit in the face of stricter casino conditions for advantage players. It serves as a valuable resource to clarify your understanding of roulette computers. Can purchasing a roulette computer guarantee victory over the casino? That answer lies within you, after exploring articles, engaging in forum discussions, and observing playing conditions at your chosen casinos.

Do you have a gambling problem?

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When playing roulette how many numbers do you cover?

1 (3.8%) 3 (11.5%) 5 (50%) 7 (19.2%) More than 9 (15.4%)

Did you own any other roulette computer?

* Yes, Mark Howe’s (24.2%) * Yes, Stefano’s (12.1%) * Yes, Jafco’s (6.1%) * Yes, other (9.1%) * No (48.5%)

How do you find roulette ball jumps scatter on wheels you play?

Almost random (25%) Reasonable (58.3%) It’s very good (16.7%)

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