FFV Roulette Computer: Advanced Vibrating Device for Casino Advantage Play

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  • FFV roulette computer
  • Latest Acrobat software with
    • timer for visual roulette prediction
    • control timer for roulette dealer signature
    • computerised roulette prediction
  • Training videos
  • Access to rouletteplace.com forums supports section, instructions and support.
  • Free and fast online software update

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FFV roulette computer is a tiny device; some call it a roulette cheating device. It is smaller than a casino chip and the most covert device. The FFV is ideal for hand clocking roulette ball. Information to the player is with vibration. When used the FFV perfectly fits in between fingers as on the picture above.

The FFV roulette computer package

  • FFV roulette computer (Tiny and discreet)
  • Training videos
  • Access to rouletteplace.com forums supports sections, instructions, and support.
  • Free and fast online software update

The current program also combines previous software capabilities available only with the FF roulette computers. Such options are “Unlimited” predicting at any moment and multiple times in different ball rotations during the single spin. FFZ and FFV are the only known roulette computers in the world where the player doesn’t have to clock rotor always at the same place and number zero. It’s an essential feature where the remaining time is critical. Talking computers may have to wait 5 sec until the rotor comes to a particular position so the player can start clocking. Within that time the FFZ already can predict. Due to a specific design, FFZ/V systems are less sensitive to errors in rotor clocking. For FFV-experts: With the FF’s Acrobat software you don’t even have to know which diamonds you want to play, all you need to do is take samples of ball rotations. The system uses various controls since it’s understandable that all taken samples are not perfect. Compares and decides how much of the surrounding data can endanger the system’s accuracy. For example on a particular wheel 1000 ms. The ball may hit DD at 12 o’clock (ball direction CW) and 1050 ms ball due to tilt on the table may make ¾ less of rotation and hit DD at three o’clock. Such a scenario with a reasonable rotor speed may produce the same or close to the same result. Still, Acrobat can better calculate and make a decision on outcome results, also may use different ball deceleration curves. The system makes full calculation including offsets and rotor speeds. Using the FFV roulette computer with the Acrobat software Suitable for predicting roulette tilted wheels, slightly tilted or even levelled wheels, with earliest predictions. It is also the most suitable system where rotor speeds are fast as 2 seconds per rotation. For FFV-novice: Clocking a fast rotor such as 2s rotation is a hard task for any talking roulette computer. It has to calculate the rotor position from the moment rotor is started to be timed. FFZ and FFV roulette computers can calculate the rotor from the moment of the last ball click. The time needed for calculation maybe 20 sec long. In such time 2 sec. The rotor moves ten full rotations or 370 pockets. For that reason, talking computers with slight mistakes in clocking makes a significant error in the final result. FF roulette computers are fast with no delay in predictions response to player’s commands; it takes only a few nanoseconds. Java programmed mobile phones working as a roulette computer may take more than (0.1 s) to respond. The 0.1 s error injected to the systems program regardless if it is because of the operator clocking mistake or because of an inappropriate device used, will create ~20 pockets error. The Acrobat 6 program also includes; an advanced timer for professional roulette visual ballistic players and Dealer signature control timer.

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