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While some products may boast features that appeal on the surface, the reality often falls short of what serious roulette players require. Even the custom-built FFA roulette computer, with its superior accuracy and real-time application hardware, surpassing simple mobile phone apps found online, has been left by the wayside by its users. This disuse is primarily due to the delay in rotor clocking, which requires the player to wait until the number zero reaches a specific position. Moreover, the need for external wires for the induction loop and earpiece, which occasionally get stuck in the ear, is a significant deterrent. Furthermore, updates to the FFA software have ceased, making it less attractive to users.


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The FFA roulette computer software, revision R7, consists of three primary components

The FFA offers multiple predictions in various ball rotations during a single spin. This groundbreaking feature, made possible thanks to our unique custom hardware that ensures highly accurate time measurements, marks a revolution in roulette computer operations. This feature sets us apart from others who rely on slower Java, mobile phones, or PDA applications. Multiple predictions provide the player with confidence in the system’s performance at any stage of the game. The system also allows users to download and load updates and different programs themselves, a process simplified in the included instructional videos. This online update capability saves time and eliminates the need to return the device for upgrades. The smart setup menu allows on-the-go adjustments without interruption to the gameplay, removing the need for hidden places for device displays or other impractical solutions. The FFA also includes a module for radio communication for team play and a high-quality audio output to the player via an induction loop and spy earpiece. Optionally, the audio signal can be sent to a remote receiver.

Key Features of the FFA Roulette Computer

  • Predictions for level and tilted wheels
  • Options for players to hear critical information about a specific roulette wheel
  • Predicting Leveled or Tilted Roulette Wheel
  • ¬†Full or half rotor clocking without pre-settings
  • Clocking double-ball revolutions
  • Minimal switch clicking for accurate predictions
  • Correction for ball-clocking errors
  • Multiple predictions during the same spin in any ball rotation, a unique and powerful feature of Myrulet
  • Optional selective play after prediction with instant information about the prediction quality
  • Predictions are provided at any time during the spin or at specific ball speeds
  • Separate adjustments for the ball in the clockwise or anti-clockwise direction, including setup, offset, and targeted ball speeds
  • Auto-play, where the system automatically determines where to play and calculates the advantage
  • Individual offset adjustment based on diamond hits, ball speed, or rotor speed
  • Team play with radio communication for additional players

The FFA system package comprises the following components:

  1. The FFA System itself
  2. Two external switches
  3. Training videos
  4. Access to the support section of the Roulette place Forums, including additional instructions and support
  5. Fast, free online software updates
  6. Optional earpieces

Please note, a Bluetooth receiver is not included in this package. However, you can easily purchase one separately, such as from online platforms like eBay, for around $20.


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Dimensions 6 × 3 × 1.5 cm

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  1. Forester

    Talking roulette computers are not practical.

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