Swapping roulette computers

There has been some time since I was interested in any other roulette computers. All previous research showed that no roulette computer came even close with the accuracy practicability or size to the FF roulette computers. After such findings, I was openly not interested in getting any roulette computers and spending time testing it, then returning it. However since it has been some time, things may have changed, and I am willing to evaluate some of the computers from the available market or sold behind curtains.

If you are not sure or if your computer doesn’t work for you, I’ll test it and give you a full explanation of what is good or bad about the computer you’ve sent me. All information is private and between us. At the same time, you will be able to test and try the FF and make your mind if it is worth for you to keep it, or send it back.

Why is this offer available only for the FFV  o FFZ roulette computer?

I have prebuilt a significant amount of FFV roulette computers. They are compact and do not require any additional parts like the FFA or FFZ, so it’s easier for me. On top of that, the FFV has the latest and very impressive software for which I am confident you will have the desire to keep it.

The process of exchange;
  • After contacting me and arranging the deal, you’ll have to send your computer first by registered post or courier where the parcel can be tracked to avoid possible problems. Upon receiving it, I’ll send you the FFV the same way.
  • Test it for 30 days then decide if you want to keep the FFV. Or return the FFV and I’ll return your roulette computer. (You may also get a fair discount price for trading your old computer in) Either way, I’ll supply you with results of my test.

This offer is good for someone who was previously scammed and lost faith that roulette can be predicted with such devices or for someone who is looking for something better without wanting to put down any money.