Another of our computers is purchased by casino investigator

Casino consultants bought another of our roulette computers for further investigation in the effectiveness of such device.

Is it okay or problematic for us?

I do not know; I always try not to get too much publicity but what I can do if they still want to investigate latest FF and they have no interest in other roulette computers available around.

I even suggest them to purchase someone else’s mobile phone roulette computer available on eBay for a tenth of the original price.

Mobile phone roulette computer

Mobile phone roulette computer selling on eBay

Personally, I can live without selling the device but, the reality is that I don’t have other option. I can stop selling it entirely as I did previously and turned off the only ray of light. Let people buy another scam on the internet, or I have to supply them since they leave me with no other option.

1. I can buy it in my name, in which case I will not ask for access to the forum, and I will not discuss anything about it.

2. I can buy it through a contact here or overseas.

I’ve choused option one, as a more suitable.
I like intelligent discussion and ard arguments where we can get some progress. Helpfully that as in usual I’ll get something from it.

Nothing to worry about, and don’t forget that some of FF’s feature was triggered to be added to FF roulette computer by an independent investigator.