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Designed specifically for foot clocking, the FFZ is a revolutionary device that takes your roulette gameplay to the next level. This compact and discreet computer provides precise predictions in real time. With its innovative technology, the FFZ communicates with the player through small and adjustable electric zaps to the skin, ensuring you never miss a crucial moment. Elevate your roulette strategy with the FFZ and experience the thrill of winning like never before.

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FFZ roulette computer is a fast accurate and flexible casino cheating device. It is tiny that the player can have it inside socks walk in the shorts and nobody can notice it. The FFZ system hardware is a small printed circuit board with a microcontroller, components, and button cell battery (CR1632) at the top and golden contacts at the back of the board. Gold contacts touch the player's skin producing electric zaps signals to the player.

When the ball spins, the system produces the zap, at that moment the player needs to see prediction number under the ball. In the case, if he did not see it or unsure the system repeat signal next time the ball crosses the number. The player also can continue with clocking ball rotations and the system will predict again. Having multiple predictions during the same roulette spin is our unique patented feature for roulette computers.

The strength of zaps is adjustable for each and automatically memorised for future use. PCB board has a small socket for an external clocking switch.

The FFZ roulette computer package

  • FFZ latest version
  • Two external switches
  • Training videos
  • Access to Roulette Place forums supports the section for instructions and support.
  • Free and fast online software update.
  • Latest Acrobat software, with two additional timers for roulette visual prediction and Dealers signature timer

For FFZ-novice:
You should read about system features of the current program developed by our team at the Software page.

Using the FFZ roulette computer with the Acrobat software

FFZ roulette computer foot clocking

Foot clocking

FFZ is perfect for real timing applications. With such design, it suitable for predicting roulette-tilted wheels, slightly tilted or even levelled wheels. The latest Acrobat program also includes an advanced timer for professional roulette visual ballistic players and Dealer Signature control timer. FFZ predicts in a noisy, real casino environment and talks all languages. Used by players who prefer to have free hands and perform clocking on foot. Excellent forum member's support.

FFZ roulette computer is perfect for someone who loves to play roulette but start understanding that traditional methods because of mathematical advantage casinos have, doesn't work. Roulette advantage play is proven to work, and casinos are doing everything they can to prevent advantage players from taking some of the profit they make. On the other side, we are trying to stay ahead. Reducing size, increasing speed, performance, and always finding new solutions. Many people in casinos lose money on roulette tables, and we only go there search for it.

Don’t compare our product to slow Java programs

Mobile phones used to scam roulette players

Mobile phones falsely sold as roulette computer

Please don’t correlate our product to sluggish Java programs used for building applications on mobile phones or PDA ’s which because of inaccuracy in timing on top of the operating system are unacceptable. Such programs should cost $5 the same as most other paid applications. With such mobile phones, players perhaps can predict only heavily tilted wheels and only at the particular moment during the spin. Mostly just a few seconds before the ball drops.

Is this my attempt to discredit competitors? If applications are acceptable, we will use it a long time ago but check it for yourself, just type in Google timing problems with Java or timing with android. You are also welcome to join us at the Forum and discuss with members anything you want.

History of FFZ roulette computers

History of FFZ roulette computers

History of FFZ roulette computers

We do not like to show real pictures of current devices we use. Reasons for that are distinct and do not need an explanation. Image displays old FFZ roulette computers developed in the past 15 years. While the picture shows how they mostly decrease in size, each device uses different more powerful microcontroller chips.

Additional information

Weight 150 g
Dimensions 23 × 14 × 4 cm

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  1. Forester

    FFZ is my favourite roulette computer!

  2. Marius Dupreez

    Hi whant roulette coumputer FFZ 4mm

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