FFZ old roulette computers

FFZ old roulette computers

First Michael Barnett’s brief review. You can read the same or comments to his report at my forum pages. The unit is supplied in a 4XAA battery box with two of the battery connections removed; space thus created houses the PC board. The PC board is professionally made, and screen printed. The chip used is a Microchip 16F628. This is a nice little chip with flash memory and three timers. The code in the chip is protected so I was not able to examine the Hex file. The tests will be carried out according to the conditions and on wheel/ball combinations nominated by the vendor.

Mike doesn’t intend to make findings available to the general public; each vendor will receive a copy of his results on the device tested, and he can choose whether to publish the findings or not.

Anyone care to stand up and be counted?

While other system sellers such as Mark or Stefano run to hide in the corner with various excuses, I decided that this may be great opportunity to stop their scam forever or at least to prove that review of their computers published at my forum site is in fact genuine. Of course, information such as this will reach only people who do their homework and search for information on the internet.

Their main seller’s excuse is that they don’t want the casino to know how powerful their computer is. There isn’t logic to this, you can’t keep it a secret and at the same time advertise and sell your product massively on the net. If you search the net, you will find hundreds of pages they’ve created with lots of information about their product (or misinformation to be correct) to trap potential buyers.

My experience and common work with Michael Barnett.

It’s not just that Mike will perform various tests on my FF system, he was honest when he enquired to buy my system and offered to pay the full cost of the unit (giving me his real identity).

As a legitimate system owner, he also gained access to the roulette support forum.
The Support forum is a private forum at my site, accessible only by system owners.
The support forum has a lot of information about my system and information about other roulette computers or various advantage play techniques. Here I will have to give credit to Mr Barnett for his honesty because he could only buy the system and have access without anybody knowing it (using false identity). We agreed that he would give me some time to check posts and to remove all confidential information.

Some people are aware of this test taking place, and I’ve received many emails with enquiries about it. The test is still in progress, and I can only inform what has happened so far.

However, before that, I would like to highlight something essential.
My understanding is that Mr Barnet is a very experienced and practical person.
He also created a workable roulette computer which he used successfully for his benefits. His computer is designed only for tilted wheel or where the ball has dominant failing point, and I would agree that this is a situation where we may get the highest and easiest advantage.

Surprisingly during his testing, he discovered something that can be added for the benefit of my FF computer. Soon after, he sent me an email with a detailed explanation.

Of course, I found it to be excellent recommendation especially if it gets added to my levelled wheel system. In the end, not only do I get an independent and fair test of my system in various conditions, but due to Michaels experience, I gained suggestion which will be soon implemented and added to the system.

I have few smart guys on my team who are helping me with the system with their ideas and suggestions and of course knowledge in this industry. We were all surprised as for why we couldn’t think about this issue earlier.



A brief description of current test results provided by Mt Barnett:

  • First off, the device is very well made and very professional.

  • The device predicts drop-zone (or tilted, as you call it) wheels perfectly! Few missed revolutions happen.

  • Good results on the levelled wheel.

The first stage testing of the device on video spins is now complete; the results were encouraging enough to warrant controlled real-world tests.

He stopped with testing here. Firstly by accident as Michael locked the chip in security mode. I didn’t want to send him to code to unlock it. Instead, I sent him a new chip. I will supply code and procedure how to unlock it only to people I know.

After receiving the new chip, the additional problem comes up. In real casino environment with replaced chip Michael couldn’t get enough spins predicted as he was getting with previous tests. We are trying to find a reason why. I have also supplied him with a diagram where to connect LED or where he can attach earphone or induction loop for hearing aid to get an audio signal instead of zap.