If it is not the FF Roulette Computer

It is not a Roulette Computer

And it is not happening

FFZ Zap Roulette Computer

FFZ roulette computer functionality is the same as FFV, but the prediction signal is a small adjustable electric zap to the player’s skin. The player can feel zaps sharper, faster and better than vibration. The FFZ is the most suitable for clocking the roulette ball with a foot. Foot clocking is a bit harder and it may require more practising. New FFZ roulette computer is only 4-5 mm in height as such a player can wear it inside their sock or even inside his shoe. Using the FFZ with foot clocking provides a great advantage for the skilled player because they have both hands free to place chips on the table. The FFZ roulette computer is my favourite tool.

On the top side of the board are all electronics components, the board has CR1632 battery space, a small plug for an external clocking switch and programming connector for easy software upgrades. Two gold plates at the bottom of the device in contact with player’s skin produce electric zaps, similar to on an electronics acupuncture devices. Electronics acupuncture devices have beneficial health effects. I have seen the guy in casino walking with acupuncture device in his hand while wires were attached to his back.

FFZ also includes an advanced timer for professional visual roulette ballistic players.

Practical device

  • Popularity
  • Accuracy
  • Practical
  • Covert
  • Easy
  • Team Play

FFV Vibration Roulette Computer

FFV roulette computer is small enough that a skilled player may hold it in between two fingers, playing cards, inside a top shirt pocket, trousers pocket etc.

The device includes everything on the board. At top side, it has clocking switch small coin vibrating motor and at the bottom is a battery compartment. The main systems brain is a 28-pin microcontroller carefully selected for ultralow power consumption. To preserve power smart software design lets the device sleep each time the device waits for something form the player. When the device sleeps, power consumption is close to zero. The very small CR1632 battery would last for hours. On the system’s board, there is also a small plug, used for upgrading the systems program.

FFV does not need external wires or anything else. It is suitable for hand clocking, which most novice users would do. FFV works with the same software program as FFZ, but instead of electric zaps to the player’s skin, it uses a small vibrating coin electric motor, which is only 3mm in height. The FFV roulette computer communicates with the player using vibration that the motor makes. For example, when the ball is over the predicted number, it vibrates. The system also incorporates Roulette Visual Prediction adjustable timer and Dealers Signature two-stage timer.

The devices board protects plastic/rubber cover moulded to the size of the board. FFV is the most wanted roulette computer is. Players who prefer clocking ball by hand use it. The  FFV roulette system doesn’t need any additional components attached, but it is more like holding the 10c coin it makes it the most covert roulette computer.

Popular device

  • Popularity
  • Accuracy
  • Practical
  • Covert
  • Easy
  • Team Play

FFA Audio Roulette Computer

FFA roulette computer is different, it talks, and it has the option for team players. The system uses Bluetooth to send the audio signal to spy earpiece for the additional player. The player does not have to use Bluetooth; instead, you can plug an induction loop wire directly to FFA and use BT only when playing in a team. Once it sets, it is easy to operate it, but the FFA does not have all flexibility as FFZ or FFV has. Personally, I do not like wires around my neck and earpiece in my ear, as it is required for the induction loop.

FFA is a team play device. The question is how often you will play in a team. Be aware that all talking computers need more time to predict. With a talking roulette computer, the player can clock the rotor only when it is in particular position, same as with the ball cocking. They need to know the position of the numbers to be able to predict. Instead of timing the root at #0 we tried with opposite numbers. It makes results opposite as well, but experienced player each spin can shift it.

It saves some time but still, it is not enough, and it makes confusion. Later on, some who are selling mobile phones as roulette computers adopted our solution, claiming how it solves all problems. No, it doesn’t. I would suggest FFA or talking computers only if you exactly know that it is what you want. Because of inflexibility, the FFA is a bit outdated; it cannot be upgraded to the latest Acrobat software. Serious roulette players need flexibility which only devices like FFZ and FFV can provide.

Team device

  • Popularity
  • Accuracy
  • Practical
  • Covert
  • Easy
  • Team Play

Important Factors When Choosing Roulette Computer

Mobile phones used to scam roulette playersThe advantage of the FFZ and FFV roulette computers over any other roulette computer that talks (as FFA or any other) are that they are very flexible and minimal in size. You can clock the rotor (even ball on some conditions) on each spin at different positions. It saves a lot of time. Only someone who has advantage play experience would know how important this is in a real casino environment. Because of such flexibility most who bought the FFA when becoming more skilled, bought the FFZ or FFV and never looked back. Another advantage which not talking computers have is that they do not use many wires and earpieces. Nobody can feel comfortable with all cables, induction loop around neck and hearing aid device in the ear. Also, FFZ and FFV without any settings talk all languages and predict all kind of roulette wheel number ordering, like the European or American layout.

Some people may be misinformed that it is hard to notice the number under the ball when using zap or vibration. It was spread around from incompetent competitors. Of course, it is not so easy if you never play and have none of advantage play experience. It would be the same as some three years old believes how the riding bike is hard. Is it hard? It may be hard the first few times when using the system. The system predicts two times, whenever the ball is crossing predicted number. To make it even better, every FF can have multiple predictions; it means if you click again it will make a new prediction.

Multiple predictions are a unique feature of FF roulette computers. Only very precise devices can provide such precision. On each ball rotation clocked the system predict repeatedly. That way it is easy for the player to check the linearity of predictions in different moments during the spin. The Acrobat 5 includes and Magic Ball Clocking, where the player can clock different amount of ball rotations and the system will use logic and still predict accurately. For example, the player makes a ball click then not to be suspicious, he looks aside and three rotations later he clicks again. Perhaps someone interrupted the player’s line of sight with the ball; he can click on the next ball rotation and the system will understand it. A skilled player using such options will never have to stare at the wheel, but it can look natural.

All three devices hardware design and preparations for manufacturing are completed by myself; however, the software part is teamwork from players. At the roulette place forum, we have a development section, where players ask for features and suggest solutions. We also have easy, unique upgrades available for all FF’s. Users can download the latest programs and upload it to the device they have. Due to this, players can be active in the development and try various methods to help with new development.  Upgrades are free of charge, and the possibility of downloading the program saves a lot of time for everyone.

All FF roulette computers are custom designed and made for performance, keeping in mind speed, accuracy, secrecy, practicability etc.

For a full list of features, please visit the Software page.



Frequently Asked Question

Can FFZ roulette computer be used in casinos that spin the wheel clockwise, then counter-clockwise?
Sure it can. Most casinos spin roulette wheels in both directions. Not only that, you can each spin play on one of 4 different table regardless of ball direction. In one second the system can change the table and predict it.

Is FFZ the best roulette cheat device?
I prefer the FFZ over any other FF’s. Most players form Roulette Place forum prefer the FFV.
If you refer to any other roulette computer (roulette cheating device) advertised on the net, there is not even a  single proof that they work and members at rouletteplace.com have them all. (Some positive feedback about Mark Howes roulette computer). Perhaps some other roulette cheating computers may exist but kept private.

Can a roulette computer predict any roulette wheel?
No, but can predict many. Some scammers that were selling applications for mobile phones were advertising that, but even they gave up on it because all real advantage players laughed at them.

Is it hard to learn to use FFV roulette computer?
I would say no, most people didn’t have to ask even a single question how to FFV or FFZ roulette computers. Some others did need some help.

Is roulette computer legal to use in my casino?
We make them, and that is legal. For questions like that you better ask local gaming authority.

Can talking roulette computer induction loop be detected?
Yes and very easy, such induction loops can be detected from few meters distance. Even some old person next to you with a hearing aid may hear your numbers. That is another of reasons why we stopped developing talking roulette computers. At one point the suspicious people were behind me with some device, but I am not sure with what and why. Once you start winning never know what, they would check.

Do you make roulette computer live demonstration?
No,  I do not, but all scammers promise they do because they know you are far away. If you are close and insist to come as one of my players did to the guy who sells mobile phones as a roulette computer. He will find all reasons why he can’t do it. For three months he was promising to show him a live demo but on end told him he would come and show him only his video. Still advertising on his web pages how people can come for a live demo. It is just a marketing strategy, I assume it helps them to believe that it gives them an advantage over products where people don’t use it to manipulate potential roulette computer buyers.

Testimonials That Count

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A device such as this is an enormously powerful tool in the hands of a professional, it is an accurate measuring instrument, with, I assume (because I don’t have the code), some smoothing of timings in an attempt to correct clocking errors.

Devices which use a lookup table and voice chip to output the number to an earpiece may be more elegant, but I like this approach; it is simple, will run forever off batteries and is far more covert. You will also end up with a much better understanding of roulette prediction techniques with a device like this as opposed to an all-talking, all-doing, Bluetooth equipped, the histogram creating device.

Casinos investigate FFA

Michael Barnett

Casino Gaming Consultant, Survtech

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First casino consultant Michael Barnett's brief FF roulette computer review. The unit is supplied in a 4XAA battery box with two of the battery connections removed; space thus created houses the PC board. The PC board is professionally made, and screen printed. The...

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