Roulette computers and systems, advanced roulette strategies such as visual ballistic (visual roulette prediction) used to win at the roulette wheel. Here is information about electronics devices such as timers or thumpers or roulette computers. We also have considerable forum support, learn roulette advantage play and visual prediction, it is a skill for life. If you like to play roulette or trying to make some extra money the best computer system and free information about methods to learn and win is at this site. Every roulette ball at some point of the movement is so far from winning number. We are not talking about distance but the time. Let’s find by time sample how distanced we are from that particular time moment. Then it is easy to know how far we are from a winning number by distance.

This page is neither about basics of how to play roulette nor about how we can place bets or calculate roulette’s percentages. That would be a waste of time. Here we focus on advanced systems designed for casino players with some experience in this game of money. Firstly you should search and get elemental information on how to become advanced roulette player. You can find it on many pages on the Internet or in books at your local library. We presume that you are a player who is familiar with the game and did a bit of homework beforehand.

What casinos do not like?

Casinos don’t care if you use a pen and paper to write, calculate, devise, etc. In fact, all casinos welcome the system player because they know that any mathematical roulette systems don’t work. As long as the casinos are making money, they are happy with players coming back and placing their bets. However, what casinos categorise as a threat and “illegal” is what they call “devices”. It means in most casinos you can’t use a calculator or a computer or any other electronic device which can be used to predict winning numbers. Not all advantage play is illegal; some are legal but not welcomed by casinos. In this group we can add visual roulette prediction, taking advantage on wheels with dominant ball drop point or bias wheel play.

In regards to information given on this website, many things discussed may fall into the grey area of legality. We do not promote or advise anyone to use any methods that are illegal!

Therefore, information and equipment that we supply such as device, roulette computer, to predict roulette winning numbers, are just for informational purposes only. It is provided for a reader to gain a better understanding of how and why things work the way they do. With that aside, read content, news, forum and enjoy learning in greater detail how to change roulette odds to your advantage.

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