Unveiling Key Features of the Acrobat 3 Program for FF Roulette Computers:

Essential Insights for Rapid and Precise Roulette Predictions

Predicting Roulette at Any Point During Ball Spin

The Acrobat software is capable of predicting at any stage of the spin. After the initial setup, the user simply clocks the rotor, then at any point during the spin, at least two ball rotations are clocked. Immediately after this step, the system will predict. If clocking continues, the system will generate another prediction, but this time, the calculation will involve all four clocked ball rotations. There’s also an option for single rotation clocking. The system can predict as early as 20 rotations before the ball drops.

Predicting at Desired Ball Rotation

This feature comes in handy for increased precision when focusing on a specific diamond strike or playing a levelled wheel. The system can be set to predict only when the ball has a certain number of rotations left before it drops.

Adjustable Timer for Visual Roulette Prediction

Multiple Predictions During the Same Spin

Multiple predictions, a unique feature of My-Rulet computers, serve as an effective method to test system linearity of roulette prediction or to enhance accuracy with more ball rotations clocked. After getting a prediction and continuing ball clocking, the system will generate another prediction. Acrobat-3 uses as many rotations as you’ve clocked for the calculation. More rotations clocked leads to more precise results.

Double Prediction

This feature is useful in case the player missed the first prediction. Even if you don’t clock the ball for more rotations after a prediction, the system predicts once more. It calculates ball and rotor movements and predicts again when the ball is over the same number, in case you didn’t see it clearly the first time.

On-the-Fly Chart Building for Auto-Play

The system builds on-the-fly charts for each prediction based on corrections from previous spins, ball speed, rotor speed, and ball jump scatter for each ball direction and particular ball speed range. It then analyses the data and predicts the optimal position to play.

Versatile Settings for Both Tilted and Levelled Wheel Play

The system is versatile and can be used to play on levelled wheels where there’s an even distribution of ball drops on all diamonds, or on roulette tables where some diamonds are more dominant and receive more hits. The Acrobat can be set to 1, 2, 3, or 4 diamonds, where the diamonds do not have to be equally distanced. The system sees the wheel as 12 positions like hours on a clock. For instance, setting it to positions 1,2,3,4 will prepare the system to expect the ball drop at the positions on the clock from 1-4 hr.

An Indicator for Safer Predictions

The Acrobat system incorporates feedback and corrections to calculate the advantage at the predicted position. It also checks if there is another high-value pick point where the ball may stop. If no such point is found, the system signals the player with a fast double zap or vibration (zzzz…zzzz), indicating that it is safer to place a bet.

Flexible Rotor Clocking

With FFZ and FFV roulette computers, you have the flexibility to clock the rotor at any position, including half or even a quarter of the rotor. This allows for precise timing without the need for previous settings.

Accurate Timing Signals

After two predictions, the system delivers the last zap at the precise moment when the ball is predicted to drop. Additionally, you can set the program to provide zaps on each rotation after prediction, ensuring accurate timing information.

Auto-Play Corrections

The Acrobat system offers auto-play corrections, allowing it to automatically determine the best position to play based on factors such as ball direction, rotor speed, and player feedback. This feature enhances the system’s efficiency and accuracy.

Independent Offset Adjustment for Clockwise (CW) and Anti-Clockwise (ACW) Ball Directions

To account for slight inaccuracies or ball jumps, the system provides an independent offset adjustment for CW and ACW ball directions. This adjustment allows you to fine-tune predictions by adding or subtracting pockets from the initial prediction.

Diamond Shift Adjustment

A new feature in Acrobat 3, the diamond shift adjustment enables you to shift the position where the ball is expected to drop. This adjustment includes recalculating the rotor movement to align with the shifted position. It provides flexibility in manipulating predictions based on changing wheel conditions.

Single or Double Rotations Clocking

You have the option to set the system to predict after every ball rotation or after every second rotation. This allows you to adapt the timing strategy based on your preferences and the specific game situation.

Independent Clocking and Predictions for CW and ACW Ball Directions

The Acrobat system handles the differences in ball travel direction by independently setting and predicting for CW and ACW ball directions. This ensures accurate predictions regardless of the ball’s movement.

Please be aware that this article was written in 2014, and significant improvements have been made since then!