New FFA roulette computer hardware supports the Acrobat 3 program.

Roulette Team Play

Team Play

Roulette computer for team play.

System features;

•    Predicting roulette spins at any moment during the spin.
•    Possibility to predict at determined ball rotation.
•    Multiple predictions during the same spin.
•    Single or 3 numbers prediction.
•    An indicator of predictions quality.

•    Independent clock (CW) or anti clock way (ACW) setup and predictions.
•    Main independent Offset Adjustment for CW and ACW ball directions.
•    Up to 20 individual offset adjustments for particular ball speed ranges.
•    Building charts for Auto-Play for each ball direction and fast or slow rotor speeds.
•    Independent setup for various diamond drops on the wheel with different ball jumps.

•    Different accuracy settings including levelled wheel play.
•    Based on collected data charts the system can calculate player’s advantage and a position where is the best to play.
•    Clock full or half rotor rotation without and previous settings

Some features explained

•    The Acrobat software can predict at any moment during the spin. Once you set it, all you need is to clock the rotor than at any moment during the spin clock at least two ball rotations. As soon after clicking the system will predict. If you continue clocking the system will predict again, but this time when calculating result, it will use times for all four clocked ball rotations.
•    Also, the system can be set to predict only after particular ball rotation. It is useful where higher precision is required, when targeting specific diamonds or playing levelled wheel.
•    Multiple predictions are unique to Myrulet computers, and it is a right way of testing systems linearity of prediction or when it is possible to increase accuracy with more ball rotations clocked.
•    After prediction even if you don’t clock the ball for more rotations, the system can be sent to tell you neighbouring numbers.
•    The FFA in last two ball rotations will start signalling with Beep each time when the ball is a passing point where it is expected to drop.

•    Auto-Play, the system can be set to automatically decide where to play based on ball direction and rotor speed. It can inform the player about a decided position and possible advantage based on nine pockets sector play.
•    Set for the European or American wheels.

FFA- Acrobat Hardware

•    FFA is a small boxed unit, 35x60x12mm
•    Powered by 3.6V rechargeable battery
•    Battery charges using 5V, USB connection to a personal computer
•    Inside there are electronics circuits for roulette timing and prediction, Bluetooth radio transmitter for Team Play and circuits for battery charging.
•    FFA is designed to be used as a single or team players roulette computer. The audio signal transmits via inbuilt Bluetooth to an additional player equipped with a Bluetooth receiver.
•    Battery power should last 8-16 hours. Recharging time is 2-3 hours.