FFA, FFZ or FFV roulette computer; that is the question now?

From three roulette computers offered at MyRulet, how do you choose the right one? It is probably the hardest question I need to answer, but I will try to explain it in this article or at least give some guidelines. We take extreme care that none of the products pictures is on display on the net are recognisable. We tried to keep the physical look of the systems as covert as possible. Understandably, for many potential buyers, it is hard to decide when they cannot even see the product. I can only imagine how someone must feel buying something that they cannot see before committing to the purchase. Most people made their selection by information about the product or communicating with people who already owned one of the FF roulette computers. Since we do not spend much time and resources on marketing most of our products are selling by word of mouth.

This time we will publish some product pictures from a distance so I hope it will help someone new to understand what is what.

If you are new and especially if you do not know what exactly you want, from all three roulette computers, I would recommend FFV and I will explain why.

  • FFV roulette computer

    is the smallest and it has everything on board including a clocking switch. FFV does not need external wires, but an optional switch can be added. It is suitable for hand clocking, which most novice users would do. FFV works with the same software program as FFZ but instead of electric zaps to the player’s skin, it uses a small coin electric motor, which is only 3mm in height.The FFV communicates with the player using vibration that the motor makes. For example, when the ball is over the predicted number, it vibrates. The FFV roulette computer has options to select what kind of wheel to play against; tilted or levelled wheels. Also, it can be used as an advanced adjustable timer. FFV has the lowest price; it is a good beginner device.

  • FFZ roulette computer

    FFZ roulette computer

    as mentioned earlier, by functionality is the same as FFV but the prediction signal to players is through a small adjustable electric zap to the player’s skin. The player can feel zaps sharper, faster and better then vibration. The FFZ is more suitable for foot clocking, therefore, it may require more skills. The FFZ is only five mm in height as such a player can wear it inside their sock or with some extra work it can be inserted inside a shoe. Using the FFZ with foot clocking provides a great advantage for the player because they have both hands free to place chips on the table. That is why the FFZ roulette computer is my favourite tool.

  • FFA roulette computer myrulet.comFFA roulette computer

    is different, it talks, and it has the option for team play. It has some more options in settings, and it uses Bluetooth to send the audio signal to spy earpiece for the additional player. The player does not have to use Bluetooth; instead, he can plug an induction loop wire directly to FFA and use BT only when playing in a team. Once it is set, it is easy to operate it, but the FFA does not have all flexibility as FFZ or FFV have.

Personally, I do not like wires around my neck as it is required for the induction loop. FFA is designed for team play; therefore, the question is how often you will play in a team. Be aware that talking computers need more time to predict. A player can clock the rotor only when it is in particular position, same as with the ball cocking. Therefore, you have to wait until the rotor comes to a particular position to start clocking. It takes time, and time with roulette predictions is important, especially when the dealer spins are shorter. I would suggest FFA or talking computers only if you exactly know that it is what you really want.

Common for the FFZ and FFV roulette computers over any other roulette computer that talks (as FFA or any other) is that they have extreme flexibility and are so small. You can clock the rotor and ball on each spin at different positions, during the same spin you do not have to clock the ball at the same place where you clocked rotor, as it is needed with talking computers. Only someone who plays would know how important this is in a real casino environment.

Another advantage not talking computers have is that they do not use many wires and earpieces. Some people may be misinformed that it is hard to notice the number under the ball when using zap or vibration (again from incompetent competitors). It may be hard the first few times when using the system but after some practice, it becomes the last thing to worry about. In addition, the system predicts two times, every time when the ball is crossing predicted number. On top of it, every FF can have multiple predictions.

Multiple predictions are a unique feature to FF roulette computers. Only very accurate devices can provide such precision. On each ball rotation clocked the system predict repeatedly.

If you looked around you may see Java applications on mobile phones where the player has to continuously clock the ball until the ball reaches a particular speed, only then the computer can predict. All MyRulet devices are designed to predict in any moment during a roulette spin. This means you can clock the ball and follow it with your eyes knowing that the prediction is coming. You can clock another ball rotation and get a new prediction. Having multiple predictions allows you check if the system is predicting okay at any moment during the spin. With Acrobat 3 program, you can set the system to clock each ball rotation or every second one, to get more time in between clicks.

All three devices hardware design and preparations for manufacturing are completed by me; however, the software part is teamwork from players. At the roulette place forum, we have a development section, where players ask for features and suggest solutions. Just for the Acrobat 3 software, there is already 663 posts, and it is still counting.

We also have easy, unique upgrades available for all FF’s. Users can download the latest programs and upload it to the device they have. Due to this, players can be active in the development and try various methods to help with new development.  Upgrades are free of charge and the possibility of downloading the program saves a lot of time for everyone.

Please check for articles about latest software to operate the devices, the latest and current one at this moment is the Acrobat 3. Simple, but with so much power and options to use. All FF roulette computers are custom designed and made for performance, keeping in mind speed, accuracy, covert ability, practicability etc.


Roulette computers compared

Just to get an idea about sizes of FF roulette computers here is a picture compering them with a casino chip.