Acrobat Highlights

What a roulette computer in size of half casino chip can do? Even the FFV is smaller than a casino chip it has most excellent features and extreme precision. Predict at any moment during the spin, systems flexibility to quickly shift predictions to earlier if the dealer calls No More Bets earlier. Predict multiple time during a single spin using different ball timings. Unique to FF roulette computers, it also allows the player to test the system and to know how it performs at all ball speed ranges.
Flexibility so the player can clock rotor at any position.  Unique to FFV and FFZ.  It allows to have an earlier prediction and to predict shorter spins since there is no need to wait for the rotor to come to a particular position for clocking.
With every spin without any prior adjustments flexibility to decide if to clock full rotor or half rotor time.

Isolate any particular ball speed ranges to play.
Full settings for clock and anti-clock way ball direction.
Independent offset adjustments for clock and anti-clock way ball direction. Used to set an average ball jumps across pockets.
Individual offset adjustment for any ball speed range. Used to set specific ball jumps for particular ball speed range.
Accuracy setting etc.

What a roulette computer in size of half casino chip can do? Even the FFV is smaller than a casino chip it has most excellent features and extreme precision.

The number player may see as a prediction doesn’t have to be exact as the number when the light flashes. It’s because of rotor movement in the opposite direction. Light is faster than the motor vibration. Whatever is used, it only adds a constant mistake which can easily be compensated.

FFV and FFZ are of course more flexible then talking computer, but for that, they need to work harder.
As you can see in the video instead of pronouncing number they have to calculate ball speed, ball deceleration, rotor speed then the time when the ball will cross particular number so the system can predict. Then do it again, every the time when ball timings are taken. The system can do it because it’s very accurate and fast in calculating results.

Why in settings is clocked every ball rotation but when playing every second one?

The system always uses few ball rotations to predict. In settings, every ball rotations are clocked so the system can define the best how the ball decelerates.
When playing every second rotation is clocked because I am a player and I know how good is to have more time in between clicks.  Also, less muscle movement regardless if clocking is done by hand or foot is better and less noticeable. You need to understand that FF devices are so small often the player can have then in between casino chips he plays, so double rotation clocking is a need.

Clocking every second ball rotation doesn’t reduce systems performance in any way so why not. On top of it, two ball rotations in between clicks give to the system more time so the system can predict two times just in case if the player didn’t see well first prediction. Due to double rotations clocking only second prediction might sometimes be few pockets off since it’s harder for the system to calculate two ball rotations in front. Since it’s only a backup prediction and the difference is so small it’s irrelevant, compared to benefits from double rotation clocking.