I decided to reveal some of my old trade secrets and write about the way how I play my roulette visual prediction system. What you are goi areng to read here definitely isn’t as anything else that you could find on the net for free or that you could purchase somewhere else. VB2 roulette system has a unique approach. Smart system design provides very accurate prediction but at the same time if the system comparing it to some other visual ballistic methods is very simple to use. If this system is nicely packed for sale, it would have the fair price of few thousand dollars.

The main reason why I delayed writing about this system is that there are people around who reading a lot what I write, especially about roulette computers. But they misuse it and without much understanding often trying to improve their scamming product which really can’t grow because of wrong design. It will not surprise me if one day they start reselling this system as their own. On on end, I want this system used, and I do not believe it will affect me in any way.

Myrulet site is not the profit-oriented site, therefore giving away this system doesn’t cost us anything. Our primary objective is to learn and to progress. I do not believe that in short time every single person will use it, which could affect my play, however, I do think that this system will help many and that was my objective from the start when myrulet.com was created. Some of my friends already use it and achieving great results.

The system is based on roulette physic, perfectly balanced, based on roulette ball and rotor parameters. The systems design has an idea from my E2 system which is really the only known way of visually predicting roulette leveled wheel with some success. Predictions on the tilted wheel with the VB2 system are much simpler and for some who are familiar with E2, there is no multiplication factor. Any single person who spend some time to understand the system and who applies it on the wheel with the suitable condition should have reasonable success.

Most of the other visual prediction systems are based on waiting to identify particular ball revolution. (Check UWE visual prediction)

My argument about such systems is that one pocket in ball observation could cause a huge error in prediction while with the system as VB2 it would be only one pocket of error.

VB2 system doesn’t even require a lot of wheel watching, and unique design allows the player to have a prediction at different ball rotations. Time of prediction can be early during the spin allowing a lot of time to the player to place bets.

I will explain systems strong sides but and weaknesses as well. Same as it is important to know what the system can do, it is important to know and potential problems that we can face during various real play conditions.

To find it all, I have spent almost 3 years, studying and testing this system in real casinos environment. I use it a lot, of course, it is not accurate as my roulette computer but definitely, it’s legal and it is always with me.

The VB2 roulette system can be used as it is, or we can use electronics timer to give us reference time and slightly increase the accuracy of prediction.

For people who do have my roulette computer FFZ or FFA, this visual prediction may be very useful. FFA roulette computer can provide to player needed information about physical parameters of the wheel they play. After knowing parameters, it’s easier to define how to play VB2 system. FFZ has built in timer so it can be used as a help with the VB2 system.

Of course, the system can be played without having any of my roulette computers.

Here you can download systems document. It may be not in the best format and the best explained. For someone with previous experience with the visual prediction, I believe it wouldn’t be hard to understand everything needed from the document.

I provide a system for free, but I will not and support it for free.

I know that many people will send me emails with questions and ask for help to understand the system better.

I can not do it for free, so please do not send me emails with questions regarding VB2 system because I will not answer it.

There will be a FORUM section with an automatic subscription where the system will be available for discussion.

It will cost you symbolic price $50 AUD. I think this is a fair go, where one particular question will be answered once but all users can read it and learn form it. This fee will eliminate time wasters and it will add to our community only people dedicated to learn.

I will restrict any discussion about specific system questions on any other place then dedicated for VB2.

I also welcome VB experts who do already have access to make their comments about the system.

Of course, FF users and members who already have access to development section will have access to this forum.

What you need to know about VB2 roulette system.

First of all, it is a great system, if it is other way I wouldn’t use it and use something else.

It is designed to be effective only on wheels with dominant ball drop zone (tilted wheel).

It requires reasonably steady rotor to achieve best results. Few pockets per second change in rotor speed are ok.

The system is not suitable for fast rotors. I do not believe any system is.

Playing VB2 visual roulette system is fun and easy to apply, so enjoy it.

Have in mind that there is no system designed for a tilted wheel that will work on the leveled wheel or vice versa. So do not even try it. To be successful and to achieve the best prediction we need to know what we are playing because the ball behaves on each wheel differently. We definitely need the best in prediction so we can gain some advantage. Other way it would be time and money vesting.

Myrulet Visual Prediction System VB2.