The idea for this system comes from someone who liked to call himself a Viper when participating at public roulette forums. The idea was good but row, it needed further upgrowth and development so we can get the most of it. Past few months I was thinking about his idea and the possibilities to utilise it the best with current FFA roulette computer and the Unlimited system. When I got a clearer picture how it needs to be done remaining was to solve my frustration of imagining myself spending hours of time to write and debug thousands of program lines, to make a completely new program for the FFA roulette computer.

This is not modifying or adding lines to the previous program but building it from scratch. I will not be very specific how the program operates. However, I believe it could be something the most accurate ever made.

It’s not the top science but combination of good ideas and knowing how. Timing error solutions and capabilities of FF’s hardware to measure timings as no other devices can, makes possible that the system precisely tells us how to set it. The system says all information to the player to make a right decision, to set it correctly for the most accurate prediction under any conditions on a roulette wheel.

The system defines particular moment during the spin then talks exact ball speed in milliseconds and remaining time for how long the ball will travel. Players can hear what exactly is happening with each particular ball speed. He can also check wheel consistency, and in a case of changed conditions, he can quickly readjust.

Initially, I thought to make this program independent, but because when a player sets the system with such precision as “Viper” option can produce, when it is combined with an unlimited way of play it rapidly increases the performance of the system.
Wish you all a happy New Year 2011 and many beautiful surprises.
Some of integrated systems features;


  • Predicting roulette levelled or tilted wheel;
  • Full rotor clocking or only half of the wheel, without any previous settings;
  • Clocking double or single ball revolutions;
  • A minimal amount of switch clicking, only 3 switch clicks can give accurate predictions. With more clicks, the software uses a progressive calculation. Up to 4 ball rotations for a calculation and error correction;
  • Ball clocking error correction;
  • Smart errors in case of miss-clicks;
  • When setting the system feedback to the player, information about ball speed and the remaining time, it will travel;
  • This enables a better way of setting, and it can be used to analyse the wheel;
  • Unlimited predictions during the same spin, in any ball rotation;
  • This is a unique feature of, and it’s powerful and an excellent feature;
  • The selective play is possible after prediction; instant information will be given about quality of the prediction;
  • Predictions can be provided at any time during the spin or at specific ball speeds;
  • Completely separated adjustments for the ball in the clock or anti-clock way direction. It includes set up, offset and targeted ball speeds;
  • Individual security locking system;
  • Team play, radio communication for the additional player;