I don’t know much about Blackjack, Poker or other casino games. I don’t make a living by selling systems or devices that people want to buy. I merely want to educate other people and give them skills that I have, so they can stop throwing their money into casinos cash cage and expecting a miracle to happen. I also want to learn from other players. Information provided at this site comes from my own experiences in playing Single Zero Roulette. How to change the house advantage of 2.7% to my advantage. For all the necessary information why number and progression systems do not work, please search for information on the web or ask at my forum. I am familiar with a few visual prediction methods, and all of them may gain you some advantage. Strategies like Laurance Scott’s crossover patterns, or the Beograd Roulette System used by the Ritz team. I have developed especial visual strategies for myself based on my skills, knowledge and needs.

All systems have a common ground, and they all can be modified by individual users to suit their needs and table conditions. However, visual ball tracking or Visual Ballistics (VB) can only gain a real advantage on a wheel with a dominant ball drop point (tilted wheel). I will not talk much about visual prediction because I believe that others have more experience than me on this subject. I prefer to focus on what I know the best, and I mean it. I’m not saying that I can not teach or sell visual prediction methods but much of my play over some years has been based on using additional devices to increase my advantage. My devices are capable of running a range of systems to assist roulette players in becoming more competent and skilful at predicting results on a standard Casino roulette wheel.Systems HardwareAll FF software programs are loaded on hardware called FFV, FFZ or FFA. Hardware is very compact, it is custom made complete computer designed to be capable for real time applications which are required for timing roulette ball. Same application developed on custom hardware has more than 1000 times précised measurements if compared to solutions that would run under OS (PDA computers or mobile phones programmed with JAVA).On daily bases, you can find the new web page where some individuals come and sell something for roulette.

Often it is someone who is not a player himself and who doesn’t have basic preriqurements to understand game or roulette physics involved. The Internet is full of scamming sites some individuals may run more than 50 different web pages just to trap someone into buying their product.It’s important to understand that software and hardware of FF roulette computers is a result of team work. Some time ago a dozen of us came together and decided to make the best solution for roulette prediction. Since then many more have joined us with all kind of backgrounds experiences and skill to contribute to great ideas and solution. I am only an engineer who is making it all happen for mutual benefits. Often I like to say our real product is progress; together we achieved as no one else achieved.FF roulette computers are the only computers publicly tested by professional casno investigators and classi/Casino-consultant-investigation-about-effectiveness-of-FFA-roulette-computer.htmlfied as a threat.

    • FFA (audio) roulette computer

We developed and the fastest way to upgrade programs. All users could upgrade FFA software online, instantly as soon as pthe rogram is realised.The FFA is very small in size and it is probably worlds the smallest and the most powerful roulette computer with audio output. It talks and it also has Bluetooth built in. As such is suitable for team play where pthe layer can receive prediction audio signal via Bluetooth to a spy earpiece inserted deep in to ear channel.

    • FFZ (zap) roulette computer

As an output FFZ when the ball is over predicted number produces small electric zap to player’s skin. Optionally system can be set to use the motor as a prediction indicator.

    • FFV (vibration) roulette computer

FFV is simmilar to FFZ, but for prediction it uses vibration. All three computers include a program for levelled and tilted wheel prediction (IQE6 & TILT2), the program is selected form systems menu. FFV and FFZ are very small in size only 5mm in height and very flexible to use. Also, we added other option of selecting a program to run as an adjustable timer which is triggered by the switch. (Timers are often used with visual prediction)

  • Myrulet IQE6 System

Intelligence Quotient (IQ) is the score you get on an intelligence test. So IQ is a good name for a system that learns any roulette wheel characteristics and acts according to the learned data. This system is designed for level (non-tilted wheels). Using this system on a level wheel is almost like pointing a laser to get 100% accurate ball timing. Then combining that data with wheel speed data it can define the final result.
Of course, past few years the system was improving and developed to Unlimited IQE6 version, which adds to systems flexibility. With unlimited FFA system after each ball rotation clocked we can get new predictions. IQE6 when loaded to FFZ or FFV hardware it has unique flexibility. Player can clock ball or rotor at any position on the wheel, (as it’s explained on the video above). No other roulette computer known to the public can do it.

  • Myrulet TILT2 System

This is specially designed to achieve the greatest advantage when playing on a tilted roulette wheel. The procedures I employed to design and to test these systems are recorded under the MEMBERS ONLY section of my forum pages. Recently a new version of this system is finalized. It is a revolutionary approach with smart solutions to achieve even better results.

  • Myrulet E2 Roulette System

This is my first system. It is a combination of Visual Tracking System and Electronics. This system it the only one visually based system capable to predict roulette levelled wheel. The system requires an accurate timer.
Theory behind the system is explained at my forum site. Based on this system additional visual prediction system (VB2) for a tilted wheel is developed. VB2 system doesn’t target particular ball revolution as a classic visual prediction, VB2 can predict at any ball rotation.Are these roulette devices legal or illegal to use worldwide or where? I don’t know. But I know that the device is compact in size and it is very hard to notice or detect. It has been successfully used in many places without any single incident. The FFZ device is designed in a similar format to a medical equipment item, the electronic T.E.N.S. machine, and it provides slight electrical pulses or zaps to the skin.

What is Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (T.E.N.S.)?A Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator enables you to reduce and relieve your pain symptoms. T.E.N.S. therapy alleviates muscle and nerve pain through gentle electrical stimulation. You should also remember that pain has a very important warning function by telling us that something is wrong. If you suffer from any serious illness, consult your doctor to confirm whether you can use an electrical nerve stimulator. For active people, T.E.N.S. therapy provides a massaging experience which can have a beneficial effect on muscle stiffness. It is perfect for soothing overall body fatigue and improving the blood circulation in treated areas. My device has been called a mini-defibrillator, hence the name Forest Fib or abbreviated to the FF. The FFZ device may not be suitable for someone with severe health or heart problems. There are virtually no side-effects when using a T.E.N.S. machine. However, people with the following conditions must not use a T.E.N.S. machine:– When the cause of pain is not known or not diagnosed by a medical practioner.
– During Pregnancy (unless specifically medically advised)
– People with Pacemakers
– Sufferers from Epilepsy or certain types of heart disease

The truth will always be the truth, regardless of disbelief, lack of understanding, or ignorance.