Five years of and FFZ’s 5th birthday

After about 200 hours of work, the program has been modified and reconstructed. We selected the best and combined it, all into a single program, this program is suitable for FFV or FFZ systems. The program can do anything you asked for, and a bit more, FFZ as such becomes roulette players dream machine.

Here is a list of some features however I recommend you to watch a sample video in this article which will show some of systems features.

Video part 2

Interesting features:

Select roulette ball or rotor to be an indicator of prediction.

If the ball is selected, the system precisely calculates when and where the ball will meet with predicted rotor number, then predicts three times, each time when ball passing predicted pocket. In addition to it, the system also predicts when the ball is due to drop.

The program is suitable for tilted or levelled wheel, it can predict at any time during the spin or at targeted slower speed ranges for increased accuracy of predictions.

Same as earlier versions of the program the system accepts rotor clocking at any position or if IQE6 is used we also can clock the ball at any position on a roulette wheel.

Automatic or manual “point set” to eliminate some ball drop points or speeds to be predicted.

We did not forget and adjustable timer triggered by a switch for all your experiments with visual predictions.

How to get the new R5A program and what is the cost of the upgrade?

If you purchased or upgraded FFZ this 2009- 2010 it is $50 send me your address, and I will send you replacement chip which can be easy inserted in side socket. If you own FFV and want to upgrade it, you will have to send it back, and the cost is $50. For all, if you prefer courier service add $60.

It is only symbolic costs since I do not expect anybody to pay for my time of developing a new program. I do it firstly for myself.

If you are new to this site and want such device, please make your order and make payment soon, because the price will be slightly increased.

The dream machine is ready, are you?