The video is showing linearity of prediction for different time moments during the spin. The video also shows how the Unlimited Roulette System takes advantage of two dominant diamonds on the wheel. It is the earliest in time roulette prediction ever revealed to the public.

Today we are very excited to announce the new system added to FFA’s roulette computer hardware. It is called “Unlimited Roulette System”, such name is given to the system with a good reason. Unlimited roulette system is particular. It has no limits, it can predict in any ball rotation, and it can be only a few seconds after the dealer spins the ball. As such it is very suitable to be used under almost all conditions of play. Because of possible so early predictions the system bypass even early dealer calls of “no more bets”, as long as there are at least few seconds from the moment when the dealer spins the ball. It also means that the system can be used for predictions on almost all automated wheels and even on some online casinos with a live wheel.

While software for such system is relatively simple if compared to IQE6 algorithms (for roulette levelled wheel prediction), the accuracy of prediction is surprising even prediction is in a very early stage during roulette spin.

The Unlimited system is designed to create an advantage to the player on roulette wheels where dominant ball drop point exists (tilted or semi tilted wheel). Set up process is straightforward therefore applying “Unlimited roulette system” in real conditions is the easiest then using any other roulette system.

With such system the linearity of prediction in different ball rotations is essential. Therefore we published small video to demonstrate it. Amazingly the earlier prediction in time is results are better and more stable.

The video also shows how the system takes advantage of two dominant diamonds on the wheel.

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