It is simplest and probably the smallest roulette computer ever made.
Only 5 mm in height and everything is made on a single board.

How FFV-U roulette program works?

For members of Support forum it wouldn’t be a problem to understand since they could follow discussions during development and they are already familiar with similar FF devices.

Anyway here is a small video, it is straightforward and simple. This device is designed only for wheels with a dominant drop point, it can predict very early. Theoretically, the prediction will be accurate at any moment during the spin.

The device prediction is based on famous TILT2-U system from FFA RC and UNLIMITED system. Due to size and design, this is the most covert roulette prediction device.

Thanks to all members who contributed with ideas.

You asked, for it and here it is.

Have fun.


If you were waiting for this device or same program for FFZ, please order it this week because I will send all devices on following Monday.