If you are considering getting a roulette computer for your experiment to find out if today’s technology can predict the outcome of roulette, in this article I will explain why Myrulet is the best choice.

Is it the truth that you’ve got what you paid for?

Well, let me see. For the sake of arguing I will compare prices of two products manufactured in a same country of Australia. So we do not differentiate German and Chinese made tool. One is the roulette computer that belongs to Stefano, and the other one is Myrulet’s FFA roulette computer.

Steve (Stefano) Hourmouzes roulette computer basic sold primary is $5000 US.

As such it is only for experimental purposes, and it will need additional equipment. I, for example, someone wants to test it in a real casino. To be able to do it as a full set up option purchaser will need

Wireless transmitter for team play USD 5000

It doesn’t make much sense, but it is his current price.

2 x earpieces, it is additional 2x $850 USD in total = $1700 USD

It looks like just another joke from Stefano.

Because Stefano’s computer can’t automatically define wheel parameters, he sells additional a video camera. So the user has to first go to casino take video than with software in slow motion take wheel and the ball timings. 60 frames per second camera are recommended, and it will only give an accuracy of 1/60= 17 ms per frame.

Stefano’s camera price is USD 1950

Stefano also recommends and Relative Humidity and temperature gauge USD 225

And the last one is shipping and handling USD 150

When we add it all together, it is USD 14,025 or if we convert it to

Australian dollars at the current rate it is AUD 21,653

On the other side myrulet FFA roulette computer, is not a mobile phone but custom built computer designed for timing applications? It is about 1/4 in size of the mobile phone but includes everything as listed above.

The price is AUD 780 or AUD 890 and AUD 1600 plus only $60 for courier service and delivery.

The price includes roulette computer which is programmed in machine language (more than 1000 times faster than Java on mobile phone platform)

The price also includes a wireless transmitter and two invisible earpieces.

Because the system has unique algorithms and required hardware for real-time applications, it doesn’t need the camera, but instead, it learns wheel while the player does clocking. The system is powerful to learn it within few spins and in most of the cases able to reduce human clocking errors close to zero.

If we put it all together and if one day Stefano even manages to get something with his slow Java programming on mobile phone platform (for which I think is imposable), the FFA myrulet’s computer is still a better choice. The FFA is ~20 times cheaper, it is faster, smaller, and it has more practical solutions than the Stefanos roulette computer.

You could notice that the FFA roulette computer, complete for team play with two earpieces with the price is close to single earpiece plus postage, based on Stefano Hourmoses prices.

The reason for that is that the FFA roulette computer is a creation of team enthusiasts who only want to design the best possible roulette computer and we do not need to profit from sales. In other words, our best product is an improvement.

A small update to this article:

Another seller of roulette computers, Mark Howe publicly declared that he is giving up on mobile phones and PDA’s and his new devices will be custom built like ours.