The FF roulette computer will get better and better. Active discussions amongst few owners being made to discuss the future of the FF computer. While all very active users are already familiar with the FF as it is, combining it with personal knowledge and high skills taking advantage as much as it can be made, there is still place for improvements which may open new possibilities.

In the future, you can expect FF to be more user-friendly, with new features, improvements, and much more. It is just the beginning of changes of combining already achieved highest accuracy with maximum possible practicability.

The FF is going towards making the most of available opportunities. My final goal is still the strongest high-quality community formed around the best product with a common interest in sharing and learning.
The FF roulette computer will be simple, elegant, powerful, highly usable and affordable for all current members.

For the new finished product, I am not sure if it will be available for public sale because I decided to include more people to speed up the process and to make the best possible product.

Sure I can do it all by myself, but without a push from side or obligation towards the others it appears that I respond to slow because I am reasonably happy with FF as it is. Some people want more, and they are prepared to pay for that. I think that developing such product for a single person may be highly priced and without obligation, it will be hard to move me in that direction rapidly.

In order for you have the “best” product for most everybody to use and for greatest sales potential, I think the product needs to be more user-friendly, as we have been discussing.

Your product is incredibly accurate, as we know, and if this could be only be placed in “voice over” package that would predict with higher frequency (even if it met a little less accuracy, or at least a greater range of settings allowing the user more time to place bets), I think you sell a ton.  It would make a play, as you mentioned, much more comfortable at many more tables, for a longer period without tiring, and also as you said, allow more than one person to participate.