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FFA roulette computer for team play
Roulette computer FFARoulette computer FFA for team play
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roulette team playThis unit includes a module for radio communication for a team play. It provides clear voice audio output to a player via induction loop and spy earpiece which optionally can be transmitted to a remote receiver.

The FFA roulette computer software revision R7 consists of 3 main parts:

1. Leveled wheel prediction
2. Tilt prediction on wheels with dominant ball drop point
3. Options, where player can hear all necessary information about particular roulette wheel

As no other system known to the public, it can produce multiple predictions in different ball rotations during a single spin. It is a revolutionary breakthrough in operations of roulette computers which only our team could accomplish. Such feature is possible only because of specific custom hardware used that provides highest accuracy in time measurements and smartly developed software. (We do not use Java, mobile phones or PDA’s.) Multiple predictions provide to a player confidence in the system’s performance at any moment during the game.

Users have option of downloading and loading upgrades and various programs to the system by themselves. It is simple process explained in videos, included with the purchase. Upgrades online saves us time any additional costs for sending device back to base.

Simple example of system setting is explained at forums computers section or on this site. Smart set up menu allows player to do all settings during play without any interruption from game. In other words, there is no need to leave the table and look for hidden place to do settings by using devices display or similar unpractical solutions.

Some of systems features:

• Predicting roulette leveled or tilted wheel
• Full rotor clocking or only half of the wheel, without any previous settings
• Clocking double ball revolutions
• Minimal amount of switch clicking, only 3 switch clicks can give accurate predictions. With more clicks, the software uses a progressive calculation.
• Ball clocking error correction

• Smart errors in case of miss clicks
• Unlimited predictions during same spin, in any ball rotation. This is a unique feature to myrulet.com and it’s powerful and an excellent feature.
• Selective play is possible after prediction, instant information will be given about quality of the prediction
• Predictions can be given at any time during the spin or at specific ball speeds.
• Completely separated adjustments for the ball in clock or anti-clock way direction. It includes set up, offset and targeted ball speeds.

• Auto-play, the system can automatically decide where to play and define advantage.
• Individual offset adjustment based on diamond hits ball speed or rotor speed.
• Team play, radio communication for additional player


The FFA system includes:

  • FFA system
  • 2 external switches
  • Training videos
  • Access to Rouletteplace forums support section, instructions and support.
  • Free and fast online software update.
  • Optional earpieces

Bluetooth receiver is not included, you can get one from eBay for abut $20.

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