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This site was established by a group of roulette enthusiasts and professionals with objective to design the best roulette computer capable of predicting winning numbers at roulette table. Our membership is growing and products we developed almost have no competition.
We come to position to be the only supplier whose products have been publicly tested and investigated by the casinos consultants ( ) and classified as a real serious threat to them. We not only sell products but provide full support at message board, chat, or by phone. In the Forum section you can read about news, reviews and talk to other users in many languages around the world. The purpose of this store is to bring our finest product to all roulette players and professionals around the world. We also need your knowledge and experience.
We have highest respect for the products current users. Therefore after a consultation between our current members the decision was made not to show a real physical look of our products on this website. Photographs shown against each product are only virtual and do not depict the real product.

We do not supply mobile phones, PDA roulette computers! There is a good reason for that. Just search Google and look for Java or Android timing real time application problems.

All roulette computers here are custom made assembled and programmed for real time applications. As such our computers are fastest, smallest and the most accurate ready for real casino conditions.

Roulette Computers

FFV Roulette computer (Vibration)

FFV the most covert roulette computer

Sales price: $607.72

FFZ Roulette computer (Zap)

The most practical roulette computer

Sales price: $693.43

FFA Roulette computer (Talks)

FFA roulette computer for team play

Sales price: $1,246.61

Myrulet Switch Set

Set of 4 switches for FF roulette computers.

Sales price: $62.33
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