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Acrobat 4

Roulette computer software as the Acrobat 4 is a solution with great options to play roulette. We are players who want to stay ahead. We always find better ways.

Prediction in any ball rotation

The Acrobat software can predict at any moment during the spin. Once you set it, all you need is to clock the rotor then at any moment during the spin clock at least two ball rotations (by default). As soon after clocking, the system will predict. If you continue clocking, the system will predict again but this time when calculating result, it will use times from all clocked ball rotations. The system can predict as early as 21rotations before then the ball drops.

Predicting at desired ball rotation

This is useful where accurate predictions are possible only at particular moments during the spin. The system can be set so it predicts only when the ball has particular amount of rotations until it drops.

Acrobat 4 Demo

Multiple predictions during the same spin

Multiple predictions are unique to Myrulet computers and it is a good way of testing systems linearity of prediction or when it is possible to increase accuracy with more ball rotations clocked. You can have prediction and continue clocking the ball, the system will predict repeatedly. The system for calculation uses as many rotations as you clocked. More rotations clocked in usual produces better results.

Double prediction

After prediction, even if you do not clock the ball for more rotations the system predicts once more. The Acrobat program calculates ball and rotor movement and when the ball is above same number again it predicts once more. It is just in case if you did not see it well when predicting first time. If in between double predictions you clock new ball rotation they system will make a new prediction based on new amount of ball rotations clocked.

Data - Auto-Play & Feedback

The Acrobat memorizes a lot of data during your play. For each spin, it can record ball speed, direction and rotor speed. Software can constantly monitors predictions and accuracy of time in which the ball arriving to the calculated position where it drops, the ball drop point as well. This great functions shouldn’t be confused with simple programs where the player gives only feedback about number where the ball stopped. The Acrobat is far more powerful. With such data the system for each predication builds fly a charts based on data recorded in previous spins. Then analyzes the data and predicts the best position to play. Using such method the prediction depends on ball speed, position on the diamond where it hits, the diamond where it hits, different ball jumps based on rotor speed and ball force that hits the diamond. All this options are included when Auto-Play is selected. The player can also use manual settings, and only enable features he wants.

Ball jumps chart based on different rotor speeds

For each prediction the system builds a new chart how the ball jumps. It is based on rotor speed. For example the system may detect that the ball when the rotor speed is 4s per rotation jumps 10 pockets but when it is 6s/r it may mostly jump 20 pockets. Such chart is also affected with data from currently clicked ball speed and data where the ball is expected to drop and with which force it may arrive to the diamond where it drops. Jumps may not be the same in each ball direction, for that reason the system analyses data separately based on current ball direction. The player at any time can request the system information about calculated ball jumps, and possible advantage.

Roulette tilted or leveled wheel play

The system can be used to play levelled wheel where there is even distribution of ball drops on all diamond, or it can be used to play wheels where some diamonds are more dominant and getting more hits. We understand that on a tilted roulette wheel the ball behaves differently than on a levelled wheel. To get most benefits of each from the earliest moment the player can select which ball behaviour is expected. Of course after some play the system would pick it up by itself but this option is a kick-start. In addition when the system uses logic add making decisions about predictions there are different rules that apply based on the distribution of ball drop points.

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Rotor Clocking

Clock full rotor rotation or clock half of rotor without and previous settings. The player instead of half rotor clocking optionally can even use a quarter. With FFZ and FFV roulette computers the rotor can be clocked at any position.

Information about predicted diamond drop

After the moment when the ball is passing last time diamond where the player was clocking the ball, the Acrobat 4 program will signal the player until the ball drops. For example 6 additional zaps/vibrations means that the system expects the ball drop at diamond 6. Of course the player doesn’t have to notice it every or to count signals. It is only additional information that may be used for better understanding and monitoring of predictions.

Manual Offset Adjustment

After setup the system is programmed to predict the best it can position where the ball drops. It may be slightly off or the ball may jump. The system has an option of offset adjustment where on top of prediction it can add particular amount of pockets for the ball jumps. It is easy adjustable during the play without need to go to menus. Adjustment is independent for each ball direction. If Auto-Play is used the manual offset settings are ignored.

Diamond shift adjustment

This is a new feature to the ACROBAT-4. It shifts the relationship in between clocked ball speed and speed at which the ball exits the ball track. The shift can be set separately for both ball directions. It can be also automatically detected where the system takes care for it. This is a bit advanced option and this is not a place for for detailed explanation.

Magic ball and rotor clocking

Magic ball clocking is another interested feature of the Acrobat program. It provides player with great flexibility. Since the system can provide multiple predictions the magic ball clocking allows and different amount of rotations to be clocked as one. For example the player may clock 2 ball rotation then look aside what is the situation around, then 3 rotations later make a click. The system will understand and exactly know what has happened. It is also useful if the playes viwe with wheel was blocked for some time.

Roulette Magic rotor clocking

The player can lock rotor to particular speed and predict without clocking rotor, the system will use time for rotor from the last clocked time. With this option the player can without any additional settings one spin clock rotor and the other don’t. It is useful if the dealer spins rotor slow where even half rotor clocking is too long. Due to flexibility of the program each spin the player can decide will he clock the rotor or not. Just another great idea from players!

Independent clock and anti clock way

Roulette wheels may have different parameters when the ball travels in different directions. That is not the problem for the Acrobat since each ball direction sets and predicts differently. It is as running completely two different roulette computers where each ball direction can be set differently.

Timer for roulette visual ballistic players

Sometimes ago I was asked to make a timer for a professional visual ballistic player using the FFZ. After he received his timer he ordered additional FFZ just as a spare saying he simply afraid to not lose it and not be able to get the new one. His main requirement was that as soon as the switch is pressed the timer produces signal then it produces again after time he set. It continues for all the time until the switch is pressed. Having the signal as soon when the switch is pressed it helps the player to notice his delay in pressing the switch and it is very important in visual prediction because the player in usual times the single ball rotation. Timer with such design is truly great solution for visual prediction. Timer has options to run from 0.5s to 10s in steps of 0.1s. It can run in free mode or the reference time is activated by the switch. Both systems FFZ and FFV are equipped with the timer.

Two stage roulette dealers signature timer

The two stage roulette dealers signature timer brings revolutionary approach to handle problems associated with this kid of play. It provides perfect control of the game. Easy detections of any changes on the wheel or in the dealer’s way of spinning the rotor or the ball with different velocity. With two stage roulette dealers signature timer unwanted losses caused by change can be avoided. Such timer is a must for anyone playing dealer’s signature and placing early bets.

Additional features


The player can use short codes to quickly activate some features or to start some commands.

The system lock

System can be locked, after that FFZ will work as a simple electronics acupuncture device.