FFZ Roulette computer (Zap)

The most practical roulette computer

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FFZ relates to accuracy, precision and flexibility and as such it is the most popular roulette cheating device capable of predicting where the ball will end on a roulette wheel.

The FFZ system is made on a small printed circuit board with microcontroller, components, and button cell battery (CR1632) at the top and golden contacts at the back of the board. Gold contacts are placed against the players skin and the system with small electric zaps signals the player.

FFZ foot clocking For example when the ball is spinning the system produces the zap and at that time the player needs to see predicted number under the ball. In the case if they didn’t see it or unsure the system repeats it again when the ball meets the same number. The player can also continue with clocking ball rotations and the system will predict again and again. Having multiple predictions during the same spin is unique and very beneficial feature to FF roulette computers. Strength of zaps is adjustable for each individual and automatically memorized for future use. The board also has a small socket where external clocking switch is plugged in.

The FFZ system includes:

  • FFZ latest version
  • 2 external switches
  • Training videos
  • Access to Rouletteplace forums support section, instructions and support.
  • Free and fast online software update.
  • Latest software

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