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My roulette computers

  I don't know much about Blackjack, Poker or other casino games. I don't make a living by selling systems or devices that people want to buy. I merely want to educate other people and give them skills that I have, so...

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FFZ roulette computer upgrade R5A.

Five years of and FFZ’s 5th birthday After about 200 hours of work, the program has been modified and reconstructed. We selected the best and combined it, all into a single program, this program is suitable for FFV or FFZ systems. The program can do...

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Prediction and Roulette Modern Wheels

Roulette wheels are manufactured in England by Cammegh, TCS/Huxley, Kingroulettes (Zvonimir roulette) in Croatia, Before the USA, Carlo in France. Some wheels are made with such precision that it is almost impossible to devise a system to win large sums of money from...

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Genuine winner or similar roulette systems

Nothing is random, it might be the truth, but can we take advantage of it? On a levelled roulette wheel with basics definitely not, but let's look what our chances on a tilted wheel or the wheel with common drop point are. Systems as Genuine Winner expect that dealer...

read more provides everything a roulette advantage player needs, to successfully play in casinos worldwide. Roulette computers and custom designed timers.


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