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FFV first mouth roulette computer

My first personal experience with the FFV-Acrobat roulette computer. Many people like the FFV.  Previous systems were long and thin. Because of the size, some people liked to call it a piece of chew gum FFV.  A Few people who admired it asked me to modify the board,...

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FF-Acrobat is software that is in development for the new generation of FF roulette computers. The Acrobat software is like using a few roulette computers in one, where each one is predicting, but the system acrobatically jumps in between them to find the best match...

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New model FFZ-T roulette computer

A new model of FFZ roulette computer will be released soon. FFZ-T roulette computer/device, let me explain why it is the  “T” model. FFZ-T is only 4 mm in height; the picture provided is the real FFZ’s board profile view. It is designed so it can comfortably be placed...

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I agree that gambling is anti-social, but at least it keeps people away from television.

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If you ain't just a little scared when you enter a casino, you are either very rich or you haven't studied the games enough.

read more provides everything a roulette advantage player needs, to successfully play in casinos worldwide. Roulette computers and custom designed timers.


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