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FFA – Acrobat roulette computer

New FFA roulette computer hardware supports the Acrobat 3 program. Roulette computer for team play. System features; •    Predicting roulette spins at any moment during the spin. •    Possibility to predict at determined ball rotation. •    Multiple predictions during...

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Acrobat Roulette Computer Video

Acrobat Highlights What a roulette computer in size of half casino chip can do? Even the FFV is smaller than a casino chip it has most excellent features and extreme precision. Predict at any moment during the spin, systems...

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I used to be a heavy gambler. But now I just make mental bets. That\'s how I lost my mind.

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Stop cheating!the dealer told the card player. I'm not! claimed the player. You must be, said the dealer. That is not the hand that I dealt you.

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Life is like a game of poker: If you don\'t put any in the pot, there won't be any to take out

read more provides everything a roulette advantage player needs, to successfully play in casinos worldwide. Roulette computers and custom designed timers.


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