Myrulet, roulette visual prediction method VB2 is free. Since it was published, it created much discussion in between roulette players mostly on forum boards but and in real life. Even for experiianced roulette advantage players, VB2 looked confusing, believing it may be missing something. Reality is that with some practising, it is the most straightforward roulette prediction available to change casino odds and win.

Often, I get proposals to teach it one by one, but I have no interests to do it. At https://rouletteplace forum there is a section for VB2, also on YouTube, there is a video I’ve previously made. I thought everything necessary was explained, but somehow most of the time I got asked how to set proper reference time for VB2?

I hope this video will help some who are looking into playing roulette with an advantage. I have no time to privately discuss it or to argue, so please take it as it is. If you need more help ask at the forums VB2 section someone may help you. Good luck.

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