• You would probably just get banned cuz lots of the time its not illegal but against casino rules(like counting cards in black jack) also it depends on how big the scam was and all the illegal actions involved...Sometimes it made lead to a law sue like in most of the cases,but again it depends on the degree of the scam.Your not getting killed or taken care of,beaten up like in the movies - but still it depends where you play - if you cheat somewhere in another country where big corpurations dont own the casino but an indevidual - who knows?
    Answered by bagun - 2 Years ago

  • The above answer is NOT true.

    Counting cards is skill, it is not cheating. Using an actual mechanical device to aid in your ability to win is considered cheating not only by the casinos but by law enforcement. It's a felony and is punishable by imprisonment. While a casino may "bar" you for counting cards (and they have the right to do so)... they can't have you arrested or charged as it's not illegal. However, if you were to use some type of device like a computer to assist you with probabilities/statistics and counting while you're playing in the casino, then they can have you arrested and charged with a felony for using that device on the casino floor.

    The same goes for any game in a casino... including roulette. If you decide to use these items good luck... just don't drop the soap in the shower if you get caught.
    Answered by Player - 6 weeks ago

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    Answered by po3412grdus - 3 weeks ago

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